Human Ecosystem Framework

The Human Ecosystem Framework is a tool used by social ecologists to examine and measure the interactions between human communities and the biophysical systems we inhabit. It can be used in a number of ways, and for a variety of purposes.

Here, the Human Ecosystem will be used as an organizing framework for social assessments. The variables provide the basic structure. For each variable, indicators are selected, and for each indicator, measures are chosen. These measures can then be monitored over time to detect trends in the system of interest.

There are 8 broad categories and 41 variables in the human ecosystem framework. On the following pages, we provide the following for each:

  • definition
  • relevance to natural resource
  • management in human-dominated
  • ecosystems
  • examples of potential indicators
  • examples of potential measures
  • samples of data selection,
  • acquisition, and presentation

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